Innovation: Made in U.S.A.

Italian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley: Timbuktu founders Cavallo (l.) and Favilli Why is it that groundbreaking, world-changing products so often originate in the United States? I’d argue the case of Aereo vs. Old-School Television provides

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Traumschiff Enterprise

Sie ankert vor der Küste Kaliforniens und bietet mindestens 1000 Unternehmern aus aller Welt Platz: Die „Blueseed One“ soll nahe genug am Silicon Valley liegen, um hoffnungsfrohen Startup-Chefs den schnellen Besuch im geheiligten Land der

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A Heart for Invention

Dr. Thomas Fogarty with a model of the human heart. Until fairly recently, trouble with the pump that keeps us going used to mean that surgeons had to cut the body open and try to

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early Google article, 1999

Google’s First Steps

My article for “Start” magazine, a sister publication of “Stern,” back in the spring of 1999. Photo credit: William Mercer McLeod When I rang the doorbell of a nondescript suburban home in Menlo Park, back

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