Aquatic Park

San Francisco skyline with dramatic clouds, seen from Aquatic ParkSkyline with a bit of drama // The Aquatic Park pier offers some of the best views in town

Golden Gate Exercise

Kayak in San Francisco Marina with Golden Gate Bridge in backgroundManual Labor // Kayakers having to give it all, while the cruisers are probably sipping cocktails under the Golden Gate Bridge – life isn’t fair

On the Bridge

Golden-Gate-Bridge_NKL9015-kalemm.comTaking a walk across the Golden Gate // Visual wonders guaranteed

Not Weed

wheat field in Germany with long spikesWheat Field // Blissful or boring? You decide!

Beautiful Bosporus

Scenic view of Asian side of Bosporus, TurkeyWhere East Meets West // In Istanbul, along the Bosporus straight, Asia and Europe get to say hello

Cold Harbor

Wintry, icy Hamburg harbor, GermanyIce Queen // Winters in Hamburg can be the pits, grey and dark for weeks. But sometimes… a real winter wonderland

Steps of Montmartre

Paris skyline seen from Sacré-Coeur, steps of Montmartre on cloudy daySacré-Coeur in Your Back // …and all of Paris at your feet, beautiful even on a grey day

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