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Podcasts For Curious Minds

Rapid change comes with many questions, and rarely has the need for information – reliable information – been greater. Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts: all excellent sources of fresh insights, from science and technology to business, politics, and the world in general. There’s no particular order or ranking. Just dive in and give […]

Ein erster Blick auf SPIEGEL Daily

Der SPIEGEL geht zurück zu seinen Wurzeln: Entstanden als Magazin mit dem Anspruch, die wichtigsten Nachrichten der Woche aufzubereiten, versuchen die Kollegen in Hamburg nun, das Konzept an die hektische Welt im 21. Jahrhundert anzupassen. Ein neues Angebot namens SPIEGEL Daily soll den Überfluss des digitalen Alltags bändigen und alles Wissenswerte übersichtlich aufbereiten – in […]

Moving On

When I arrived in San Francisco in the summer of 1998 as an Arthur F. Burns Fellow, most people dialed up to the Internet by way of screeching modems, and many publishing companies had a hard time taking the Web seriously. And who could blame them? Forbes and Fortune, Time, Business 2.0 and many other […]

Innovation: Made in U.S.A.

Italian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley: Timbuktu founders Cavallo (l.) and Favilli Why is it that groundbreaking, world-changing products so often originate in the United States? I’d argue the case of Aereo vs. Old-School Television provides a good clue. The founders of Aereo had a clever idea: give live television online to people who don’t want […]

Winning the Paywall Fight

A controversy has broken out between two media powerhouses in Germany: BILD – the largest daily – accuses rival Focus of stealing. It’s all about digital content and paywalls. managers claim that Focus keeps sneaking behind its paywall, only to take supposedly exclusive content and then slightly repackaging it for its own Focus Online […]

Sony RX10 Quick Look

You won’t find many cameras boasting a 24-200 mm superzoom lens with a maximum aperture of f2.8, made by a renowned optics specialist like Zeiss. Combine that with a compact body, a 20 megapixel sensor, a superior electronic viewfinder – and you have a highly original camera that stands out from the crowd even in […]

Google Translate Gets Augmented

Word Lens developers John DeWeese and Otavio Good showing a live translation on an iPad With Google Translate handling more than a billion requests per day, more and more users are on-the-go, wondering what a foreign sign may mean or what the restaurant menu says when they’re traveling on the other side of the world. […]

The Paywall Fallacy

Media managers in Germany draw hope from a new survey by Bitkom, an IT industry association, which says that a quarter of Germans are now paying for journalistic content online. On average, these readers spend 13.60 euros per month, about $18 at the current rate. Trouble is, almost 2 out of 3 Germans categorically told […]