Fleet Week: Blue Without Angels

Close-up: Blue Angels fighter jet, Golden Gate Bridge
Blue Angels jet with boats
Blue Angels jet fast and low
Blue Angels jet low over San Francisco Bay
Two Blue Angels jets flying stunt over Alcatraz

Typically, San Francisco’s first weekend in October belongs to Fleet Week and the Blue Angels. The air show is a feast for the eyes, nerve-wracking at times, and always eardrum-shattering when the fighter jets race by right overhead.

This year, though, the Blue Angels were a no-show, thanks to Uncle Sam’s budget issues. In fact, the whole Fleet Week became a victim of Washington’s partisan quarreling over money and petty politics. And while I’m no fan of military displays, I can’t help but admire the skill and perfectionism of all pilots flying aerobatics – be it Sean Tucker in his Red Baron double-decker, the Canadian Snowbirds or, always the last, as they’re considered to be the highlight: the Blue Angels team.

All these images were taken in previous years (naturally). You can find more here and here. See you next year, fearless flyers, on the first weekend of October at the Golden Gate.

Blue Angels flying in formation
Blue Angels formation
Close-up of Blue Angels fighter jet with streaks
Golden Gate Bridge and Blue Angels
US Navy Blue Angels scenic over Coit Tower, San Francisco
San Francisco skyline with US Navy Blue Angels fighter jets
US Navy Blue Angels flying in perfect formation