Podcasts For Curious Minds

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Rapid change comes with many questions, and rarely has the need for information – reliable information – been greater. Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts: all excellent sources of fresh insights, from science and technology to business, politics, and the world in general. There’s no particular order or ranking. Just dive in and give […]

The Paywall Fallacy

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Media managers in Germany draw hope from a new survey by Bitkom, an IT industry association, which says that a quarter of Germans are now paying for journalistic content online. On average, these readers spend 13.60 euros per month, about $18 at the current rate. Trouble is, almost 2 out of 3 Germans categorically told […]

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The Eyes Have It

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Chances are you’re not reading much these days – you’re mostly browsing, viewing, scanning. Reading takes time, and every second counts in a zero attention-span economy. All marvels of technology fail when it comes to adding an extra hour to the day. Given the overwhelming number of apps, social networks, blogs, TV channels, and mobile […]

The Bezos Media Lab

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While the media world – jaws agape – has been trying to understand why Jeff Bezos would buy the Washington Post, much of the focus has been on the Amazon founder’s desire to buy influence around Capitol Hill. Perhaps. My guess is that’s more of an add-on. Bezos is far too intelligent to believe in […]

Zeros and Ones

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How’s this for irony? The machine we invented to help us better manage the complexities of human life has somehow turned things around and is remaking our human world in its own image. More and more, it seems, we live in binary times. There are only two states – on and off – and we’re […]

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Old Media in a New World

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It didn’t have to be like this – we knew what was coming: the music industry showed the way. Still, when readers turned their attention from paper to the Internet, most traditional media companies (mine included) ended up getting caught like deer in the headlights. To this day, many keep clinging to ancient business models […]

Why Radio Is Losing Me

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Two of my favorite radio stations recently shut down, more or less out of the blue: NME Radio and Q Radio in London, both spin-offs of popular music magazines. I liked them for their mix of alt rock, indie, and  Brit pop – but I have to admit that, in both cases, I didn’t even […]