Sony RX10 Quick Look

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You won’t find many cameras boasting a 24-200 mm superzoom lens with a maximum aperture of f2.8, made by a renowned optics specialist like Zeiss. Combine that with a compact body, a 20 megapixel sensor, a superior electronic viewfinder – and you have a highly original camera that stands out from the crowd even in a […]

Vorsicht Handy-Falle

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Hacking For Good“ steht auf der Visitenkarte dieses jungen Herrn – Computer hacken für einen guten Zweck. Als Kevin Mahaffey und seine beiden „Lookout“-Mitgründer 2004 noch an der Uni waren, fiel ihnen ein Mobiltelefon von Nokia in die Hände, das als eines der ersten mit Bluetooth ausgestattet war. „Plötzlich konnte mein Handy mit meinem Computer […]

Samsung NX300 Review

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Small cameras that go beyond point-and-shoot have become all the rage: they promise better pictures and more versatility than smartphones, thanks to their bigger sensors and interchangeable lenses – but they’re nowhere near as big and heavy as traditional SLRs. I got a chance to take a closer look at Samsung’s NX300, the top model […]

Easy Listening, Made by Bose

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, audio giant Bose just paid its much smaller rival Sonos a huge compliment: with its new SoundTouch system, Bose acknowledges that modern home entertainment is married to the Internet. People want to listen to online music services like Pandora and then switch to their home music collection […]

Olympus OM-D EM-5 Review

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Thanks to my friends at, I got to play with a nice camera for a few weeks: the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is a very capable “compact system camera” – meaning it tries to be as powerful as an SLR, but without the size and weight. In many ways, the EM-5 managed to wow me. […]