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I’m a Senior Editor with WIRED Germany in Berlin (and previously a longtime Californian). I’m also a friend of Ubergizmo.com but please note that I no longer actively contribute. More on my About page. Thanks for stopping by!



Ich bin Redakteur beim deutschen WIRED in Berlin und war lange Korrespondent in San Francisco. Daher die vielen Texte und Bilder aus Kalifornien. Mehr Biografisches hier.
Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse.

  • Old Media in a New World

    It didn’t have to be like this – we knew what was coming: the music industry showed the way. Still, when readers turned their attention from paper to the Internet, most traditional media companies (mine included) ended up getting caught like deer in the headlights. To this day, many keep clinging to ancient business models […]

  • Why Radio Is Losing Me

    Two of my favorite radio stations recently shut down, more or less out of the blue: NME Radio and Q Radio in London, both spin-offs of popular music magazines. I liked them for their mix of alt rock, indie, and  Brit pop – but I have to admit that, in both cases, I didn’t even […]

  • Beautiful Bosporus

    Where East Meets West // In Istanbul, along the Bosporus straight, Asia and Europe get to say hello

  • Need a Lyft?

    Ridesharing Old and New // A Lyft car stops next to a Cable Car on San Francisco’s Russian Hill

  • Moving On

    When I arrived in San Francisco in the summer of 1998 as an Arthur F. Burns Fellow, most people dialed up to the Internet by way of screeching modems, and many publishing companies had a hard time taking the Web seriously. And who could blame them? Forbes and Fortune, Time, Business 2.0 and many other […]

  • Next Year at the Golden Gate

    With 2013 getting ready for its sunset phase, here’s a sneak peek at 2014 – the way you might see it in San Francisco and around the Golden Gate.

  • Colorful Sailor

    A Dash of Red // Sailboats and kite surfers at the Golden Gate Bridge. No retouching, no filters, just some afternoon light and a colorful piece of cloth blowing in the wind. Taken with the Sony RX10 at 200mm focal length from the Wave Organ.

  • Autumn Leaves

    The Colors of Fall // Leaves on a tree in Berkeley, captured on a sunny day in September

  • Der Seher

    Eigentum: was für eine altertümliche Vorstellung! Wozu etwas besitzen, wenn man jederzeit einfach darauf zugreifen kann? „Die technische Revolution macht unsere Vorstellungen über den Austausch von Eigentum obsolet“, erklärte der Herr, der mir im Herbst 2000 in Washington gegenüber saß, völlig unbeeindruckt von meinem ungläubigen Stirnrunzeln – denn für den Autor und Wirtschaftsforscher Jeremy Rifkin […]

  • Cats, Here’s Your Hollywood Agent

    Eat, sleep. Eat, sleep. Repeat. Most cats are happy with a life like that. But some strive to be more, they want to be famous, they want to be on YouTube. And for those who reach even higher, there’s now an agent specializing in YouTube cats going to Hollwood. Really? What took so long? All […]

  • Give Me a Break

    Lakeside View // How’s this for a natural still? Lake Tornow near Berlin on a tranquil and sunny September afternoon

  • Ein erster Blick auf SPIEGEL Daily

    Der SPIEGEL geht zurück zu seinen Wurzeln: Entstanden als Magazin mit dem Anspruch, die wichtigsten Nachrichten der Woche aufzubereiten, versuchen die Kollegen in Hamburg nun, das Konzept an die hektische Welt im 21. Jahrhundert anzupassen. Ein neues Angebot namens SPIEGEL Daily soll den Überfluss des digitalen Alltags bändigen und alles Wissenswerte übersichtlich aufbereiten – in Nachrichtenhäppchen, längeren Lesestücken und Videos. […]