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I’m a Senior Editor with WIRED Germany in Berlin (and previously a longtime Californian). I’m also a friend of Ubergizmo.com but please note that I no longer actively contribute. More on my About page. Thanks for stopping by!



Ich bin Redakteur beim deutschen WIRED in Berlin und war lange Korrespondent in San Francisco. Daher die vielen Texte und Bilder aus Kalifornien. Mehr Biografisches hier.
Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse.

  • Google Translate Gets Augmented

    Word Lens developers John DeWeese and Otavio Good showing a live translation on an iPad With Google Translate handling more than a billion requests per day, more and more users are on-the-go, wondering what a foreign sign may mean or what the restaurant menu says when they’re traveling on the other side of the world. […]

  • Casper Cockatoo

    Parrot in a Beergarden // While Paul pursues research projects into German Braukunst (the art of brewing beer), Casper enjoys the views around Hayes Valley’s Biergarten. Nice to meet you both – Prost! [ssba_hide]

  • Steps of Montmartre

    Sacré-Coeur in Your Back // …and all of Paris at your feet, beautiful even on a grey day [ssba_hide]

  • The Future of Money

    The moment of truth for any analyst and forecaster comes when looking back: five years on, how true or false do your predictions turn out to be? Well, kudos to Paul Saffo, Managing Director of Foresight at Discern Analytics and former Director of the Institute For the Future (as well as one of the smartest […]

  • Dolby: Mehr als guter Ton

    Groß geworden ist Dolby mit Rauschunterdrückung für Kassettenrekorder und Raumklang in Kinosälen. Doch künftig möchte der Audio-Spezialist aus San Francisco seinen Namen auch zum Gütesiegel für Augenschmaus machen. „Dolby Vision“ soll Fernseher strahlen lassen wie nie zuvor: heller, bunter, lebensechter. Und „Dolby 3D“ macht endlich Schluss mit der lästigen Brille, die bisher fürs Heimkino in […]

  • Shadow Play

    Double Vision // Iron lamp, pretending to have a twin by casting a long shadow in the afternoon light [ssba_hide]

  • On the Beach

    Ball Games // How do they ever get any work done in Southern California? [ssba_hide]

  • On the Bridge

    Taking a walk across the Golden Gate // Visual wonders guaranteed [ssba_hide]

  • Painter of the Lighthouse

    Pigeon Point // Some claim to paint light, others paint the lighthouse [ssba_hide]

  • Alcatraz Sculpture

    Open-Air Art // A sculpture by artist Mark di Suvero at San Francisco’s Crissy Field – part of a year-long exhibition [ssba_hide]

  • Oh, mein Amerika!

    Kurz vor der Wahl im November eine Frage an prominente Deutsche, die schon lange in den USA leben: Wie sieht Ihr Amerika aus? Was gefällt Ihnen, was nicht so? Neun Prominente gaben dem stern Antwort, darunter Ute Lemper, Tommy Haas und Wolfgang Petersen. Meine Interviewpartner waren Designer-Legende Hartmut Esslinger (unter anderem Autor und Gründer der Agentur […]

  • The Eyes Have It

    Chances are you’re not reading much these days – you’re mostly browsing, viewing, scanning. Reading takes time, and every second counts in a zero attention-span economy. All marvels of technology fail when it comes to adding an extra hour to the day. Given the overwhelming number of apps, social networks, blogs, TV channels, and mobile […]